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So THIS is What Fall Tastes Like

October 15, 2015

[So Autumn Crêpe – savory, vegetarian, light-bite – from So Crêpe, Philadelphia]

No – I’m not talking about Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

The cozy, nourishing goodness of fall bites can be pretty enchanting. I LOVE summer, but it gets so hot in NY that the idea of using my oven in August is a 😳 non-starter 🔥. So, the best thing about fall for me is that I get to turn on my oven and roast anything and everything from whole chickens to squash. It is on that note I say, welcome fall!

Yesterday, on a day trip to Philly, I stumbled upon my first bite of this fall. Combine a pumpkin crêpe with goat cheese and roasted squash, top it all off with toasted pumpkin seeds and a lightly dressed arugula salad and [Insert Dancing Girl Emoji Here]💃! I’m going to have to work on this recipe myself at home – the only thing I’d do differently is use truffle goat cheese (my new obsession) instead.

If I had to put fall on a plate, this would be a really great start. Now bring on the slow cooker apple cider, all things pumpkin flavored, and pies! 😋

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