Affair (/əˈfer/) – an intense amorous relationship.
Fare (/fer/) – a range of food; (archaic meaning: travel).

The Blog
Welcome to “The Afare,” a collection of experiences that document my love affair with food, travel and culture.

About Me
My name is Chanelle, I’m probably the loudest person you’ll ever meet, and I have no explanation for the anomaly that is my ability to project my voice beyond the normal decibel range. I’m an all too lively twenty-something year old, Jamaican born, Canadian raised woman living in New York City.
I appreciate life as it comes, taking the good with the bad and almost always finding something to smile about. If there’s a formula for my life it goes something like: travel, eat, dance, repeat. There are very few things in life that make me as happy as food and travel, it’s for that reason that I’ve started this blog and culinary journey.

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