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Wake Up Juice

October 26, 2015


2 small pink grapefruits
2 handfuls of cauliflower
2 inches of ginger root
1 Lime


1. Peel and cut up all your ingredients.
2. Pop them in your juicer
3. Presto!

Juicing is so easy and yummy. I got really into it a year or two ago when my roommate at the time and I got our first juicer. A few months ago my juicer went kaput as did my blender, so I haven’t been making juices or smoothies for a little while. About a week ago, I got my Hurom Slow Juicer. I’d had my eye on it for a while, but it’s pretty pricey, so I waited it out for it to go on sale and then for the sale to go on sale before I scooped it up! I’ve used it five times already and I just love it. It feels like I’m getting the most juice out of all of the ingredients and I even used the pulp for my soup or to add to the soil for my houseplants.

I needed a wake up that didn’t involve caffeine, so I grabbed two grapefruits, a couple handfuls of cauliflower and dumped them into my juicer. If you’re one of those people that believes the art of juicing lies in the order of items juiced I juiced the grapefruit, ginger, cauliflower and then added one whole lime. The results were delish and I feel bright and refreshed.

Citrus is aways good for waking up, and just the smell of ginger makes me giddy. I’ve been curious about cauliflower juice so I added it just to experiment, they say it’s a great anti-inflammatory and that it may help fight breast cancer, so I thought why not!

Side Note: the pulp is probably great for that cauliflower pizza people are talking about, I just ate it right out of the pulp container.

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