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My Fave Apartments on Airbnb – Paris

February 28, 2016

I just booked my Airbnb Parisian ‘appartement’ for my trip in March! I’m so excited, and this may finally be my first full-on solo trip! I can’t imagine a better place for me, a bonafide francophile, to explore solo than the city of light. I really need to work on my French, but hey – I’m happy to wander aimlessly through the streets of Paris, meander through the markets, and eat as much bread and cheese as humanly possible. And of course, drink lots of wine! I did a lot of searching for the perfect space for my next week in Paris, and I’ve been trying to Airbnb for a while there, but my plan keeps getting messed up! Sign up for Airbnb here. These are my favorite Parisian Airbnb’s at the moment, all for less than $120 a night.



I’ve always wondered if French doors were really French… alas, they are, and they date back to the 16th & 17th century. Everything about this place feels like me. It’s the most expensive of this lot ($113 per night), but if I was in Paris for more than a week, I could easily feel at home in this Montmartre apartment. Click here to book.



Currently at $67 a night, I think my favorite part about this place is that it’s situated in a private courtyard. Combine that with the price and all the space, this little nest could be my home for more than a week. Click here to book.



I’m kind of obsessed with the fireplace, probably because I want one in my real apartment more than anything. Ooh and the tub is lovely! It’s light and airy and at $56 a night, this Montmartre flat is kind of a dream. Click here to book.



This place is two levels, with a gallery wall and pops of color – I LOVE it. It’s located in the South Pigalle, below Montmartre, an area I’ve always wanted to spend more time in. It’s the perfect space for a week in Paris, and it’s a steal for $44 a night! Click here to book.



Central and a bit whimsical, this space is just so chic. Located in along the Montorgeuil/Opéra neighborhoods, this place really has quite a bit of personality for an Airbnb. It’s $108 a night right now. Click here to book.

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